Sanction your league or event as
part of the MLRH World League
Chances are, you have participated in a Major League Roller Hockey event over the past years.  We are doing things a bit differently this year as Bill Raue, MLRH President, is taking time off to make the film that is 
featured on this web site.
To that end, you can apply apply for MLRH membership at no cost and we will sanction your league or event and the winning team will qualify for ourWorld League Championships is California (September 2018).
We will cover your league on our web pages, post your league standings along with all of the various leagues in Europe.  it will be great publicity
for your inline hockey program and our worldwide network of teams will be able to follow the results of the games played in your country.
Just use the form on the left to respond and we will include your league in our worldwide competition..