It will be an all Mannheim championship series when the Mannheim Royals take on the Mannheim Blue Devils for the  MLRH Germany championships.  The teams will play a best-of-three series beginning July 28.  Game Two is set for August 4 and a third game, if needed, will be played August 8.

For the newcomers to MLRH Europe, these are very good teams,some with big time pro ice experience. Two Mannheim Adlers, Frank Mauer and Marc El-Sayed played in the league
and for the uninitiated, these guys play at a very high level
on a par with the AHL in North America.

Thye league is run by Bob Sullivan, a former NHL player now living in Germany.

About the Manheim Adlers

In Germany, the most elite professional hockey league is the German Ice Hockey League, or Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL for short).

The Mannheim  Adler Hockey team is one of the most respected pro teams in Germany.  They have won the German title numerous times and are known for their big name players, exciting fans, and rich history.

The Adler recruit many of their players from both the U.S. and Canada.  Most of these import players have either NHL or AHL experience.  Some of the more well known Adler players would include such names as Christobol Huey (Chicago Blackhawks ),  Rene Corbet (Colorado Avalanche), and of course fan favorite Freddy Brathwaite (St. Louis Blues).   There have also been a number of Adler players that would later join the NHL, such as Mannheim native Jochen Hecht (Buffalo Sabres) and Dennis Seidenberg (Florida Panthers ) to name a few.

Currently the Adler have the top goalie in the DEL.  Freddy Brathwaite is now playing in his second season for Mannheim.  Brathwaite has had over 250 NHL games, plus a short stint in the Russian    league prior to joining the Adler.  To add to the teams resume, the Adler is proud to have American defenseman Andy Hedlund.   Hedlund was recently named captain of the USA national select team.   Hedlund helped Team USA make it to the finals of the 2009 Deutschland Cup.  Hedlund has also been instrumental in the development of A4.  Both Hedlund and Brathwaite represent just a small portion of the largely talented Adler pro team.

The Adler play in the new SAP arena in Mannheim.  The arena is the second largest in Germany with a capacity of nearly 14 thousand.  The SAP arena hosts some of the largest events in Germany, such as world championship boxing, live concerts, Cirque du Soleil, and of course, the 2010 IIHF World Championship.  The SAP arena has recently become a Mecca for entertainment throughout central Germany.
Frank Mauer
Mark El-Sayed
SAP Arena
MLRH Germany Championships