Chez Serge - Montreal
  Flying Puck - NYC
  Maple Leaf Pub - Houston
  Redondo Beach Cafe - CA
  The Blue Line - Kansas City, Missouri
What's your favorite spot to watch 

a hockey game?  Send us your pick...
It can be glitzy or funky, wherever you like to hang out...
  716 Food & Sport - Buffalo
The Great Canadian Pub - Paris
Hockey City Pub - St. Paul, MN
So where do you like to 
hang out?  Help us complete
our roster  of places to hang out when the game is on.
If you like, tell us what's special ablout your designated hockey hangout.  You mat not be able to attach a photo to our form but , if
you e-mail it to
we will include it on our updated
list of places to watch a game.