Truth be told, until I became involved in the production of a film, I had no idea how many Hollywood Producers, Directors
and actors were hockey junkies.  Here are many more who love to "Lace 'em up" or attend a game...
Keanu Reeves
Jim Carrey
For the third straight year, the visiting East Coast Gutter Snipes featured NHL Hockey Hall of Famer Igor “The Professor” Larionov (left) and their Rhode Island-born goalie Bobby Farrelly, better known in Red Sox Nation for his work directing and producing the movies "Fever Pitch, Dumb 
and Dumber and There's Something About Mary."                                  
Bobby Farrelly
Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks at an LA KIngs game...
Name the circled player...
This is mind-blowing!  Scroll to the bottom for the answer.
Steve Carell
Justin Bieber

Mike Myers
Michael Ontkean
Adam Sandler
Richard Dean 

Answer to mystery woman player: Paris Hiton



Producer & actor
Rian Bishop actually
had a brief career in
the  ECHL