Over the past year, since I took an active roll in Major League Roller Hockey, I have been asked by players and teams to create a league that would make our sport both exciting and affordable.

Quite simply, they were fed up with the leagues who have done nothing but take player’s money for years and give back very little. I won’t mention names but you know the leagues that I am talking about.

That is about to change with the introduction of the World League of Roller Hockey. The World League weaves together the MLRH world-wide network of teams with North American teams in a format that provides prize money, a true national champion and a world champion.

No other organization comes close to matching that. So before you commit to play another year in the same boring league, consider the World League. I often tell players that MLRH is more than just a roller hockey league, it’s a life style. MLRH  stages events in some of the most exciting cities on the planet. Plus some very exotic spots like our Tenerife event in the 
Canary Islands .

So consider being a part of the World League. Click on the link below and ask yourself if your present league equals the World League in affordability or excitement.

I know you will have many questions so 
e-mail me at  bill@mlrh.com
or call/text to 703-535-5996.

MLRH isn't just a league, it's a lifestyle...
 Everything you need to know about the MLRH World League

About MLRH:  As most roller hockey players know. Major League Roller Hockey (MLRH) is the only world-wide professional league. Unlike others leagues (Think AIHL and PIHA), MLRH teams play on a world scale with previously unheard of prize money As an example, the MLRH Super League West teams played for $500 a game (every game, all season long) with a $5,000 additional bonus to the winning team.  

What is the World League of Roller Hockey?  Quite simply, MLRH is linking their vast network of teams into one world-wide league. There will be five divisions in North America with additional divisions extending from Finland and Sweden in the north, through mainland Europe and south to Africa (Canary Islands).

The World League is a no-check league.  While MLRH still offers full-contact leagues, our World League is a no-contact league;

When will the games be played?  North American teams will play a 15-game schedule consisting of five events, with three games per event over a four month period (January through April 30). North American playoffs will be held in May with a true national champion. MLRH does not do “East and West Champions.” The first World League Championships are scheduled to be played in June in the USA. The location is not confirmed but, to attract the European teams, it will have to be played at “tourist destination” location.

What are the Divisions?  There will be five USA Divisions, West, East, Midwest, Southwest (Primarily Texas) and southeast (primarily Florida). Additionally, there will be a Scandinavian Division, a Europa group plus a UK Division (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales)

Junior Division For the first time, MLRH will offer Junior Divisions. The fee is $1,500 for a 15-game season plus playoffs. Players age16 through 21 are eligible. 

What does it cost? At MLRH, we understand that all teams are not financially equal in the world of roller hockey. This is why we have created a unique three-tier fee system for our new World League. Every division can select the fee schedule most appropriate to their economic circumstances. 

Play PRO for $2500 per team. Teams can pay the pro level fee and play for $1500 in prize money at every event. 

Pay the Elite $2,000 fee and the winner gets $500 bucks at every event 

Enter at the $1,500 competitive level with no prize money but a chance to play world-class roller hockey for a bargain price.

Whatever you pay, all teams will be eligible for the playoffs and World Championships.

How can MLRH offer these low prices and prize money? We are built on a different economic model than the other leagues. Because we are linked to Roller Hockey TV and 40 million subscribers on ROKU, we have additional revenue streams and don't have to make our living off of our players.

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For information on entering your team, e-mail Bill Raue...bill@mlrh.com