MLRH is unique among roller hockey leagues in that it is the only organization within the sport that places a huge emphasis on fans and building a fan base  Owning an MLRH franchise is relatively inexpensive but we set the  ownership bar fairly high in that we require owners to share our commitment to building a fan based league-one fan at a time.

To that end, MLRH places a huge emphasis on owners with the marketing skills and promotional ability to build a fan base for the team.  Properly run, MLRH teams should be self supporting. Over the years, Major League Roller Hockey has received more press coverage than all of the other leagues and tournament series combined.  This is because MLRH strives to be "Major League" in all that we do with team locations in major markets.  At MLRH, we do not want to have the most teams, only the best teams that allow us to build rivalries as in any professional sports league.

It is based on a 15-game home-and-home schedule that places an emphasis on each game-not a once a month tournament that  masquerades as a league.  To this end, we encourage intersectional games so that our schedule and standings reflect out commitment to major markets.  There is more travel in MLRH but owners and players understand that we are building a league and travel is an important part of building the MLRH brand.  MLRH players often hit the road much like minor league ice hockey teams.

No time to operate a team but you love the sport or want to get in on the ground floor of a growing league?

Consider the MLRH
silent owner program.  For as little as $3800 you can own a league operated team.  Your liability is limited to the initial investment and you can follow your team and enjoy being an owner without the hassle of day-to-day management.

You retain the rights to sell your team or relocate it at a later time.

For information, just click on"Franchise information" above and a league oficial wil get in touch with you with the details.
It's all about
the FANS...

At MLRH, we place a high premium on promotion
and getting the fans involved with your hockey program.
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2013 - 2014 season information

Our 2013 - 2014 season will include 15 regular season games (5 dates played October - March) Dates do not conflict with PIHA, or AIHL and we schedule around NARCh and TORHS.
All teams are competing for the annual prize of $10,000 to the winning team

2013- 2014 MLRH season will once again be back to webcast games at selected events in the Atlantic, Midwest, Southwest and Pacific divisions. This will include, interviews, color commentary with team representatives, professional play by play and of course, featured teams and games in a “professional format” available for “FREE” viewing on

The MLRH PRO 2013- 2014 season will offer 15 games for the regular season.

MLRH announces looks to have  "two" conferences, The Western conference  and the Eastern conference

Each event will host "3 - 4" games per team played in a season which begins in October and goes through February

New franchises must complete their season and financial requirements in order to participate in the playoffs for 2014

A team which forfeits more than one regular season game, will be denied playoff eligibility

The Pacific Division will be at the Las Vegas Sports center, SJC rink and The Rinks of Irvine, in California
The Lonestar division will play out of Houston, Arlington, Dallas, Louisiana and possibly Denton
The Sunshine division will play out of the PB Skatezone, plus two to three other locations
The Empire State division will play out New York, New York
The Midwest division will play in Chicago and St. Louis

Each event will last 6 - 8 hours and each team will play three  - four games (2 x 20 halves, last 5 minutes are stopped time within 2 goals)
Game slots are 50 minutes. Teams must be ready one half hour prior as games may start early
All teams must have same color helmets, primary pant color match and jerseys that match, with "logo" and number on the back
Eight goal mercy rule in effect. Games are stopped when one team leads by eight goals, no completion of any other obligation. Eight goals and the buzzer sounds.
Playoff eligibility, with 15 games, all players must play "10" regular season games to qualify for post season play. (MLRH has a full rulebook each franchise receives)
No team may play in the playoffs which has not met their financial requirement
Substitution is not allowed for the Playoffs or after roster lock.
Trades are allowed between teams as long as players may play for the teams they are traded to and subject to commissioner's approval

Rule addendums 2013 - 2014
* New for 2013 - 2014 Teams are advised to roster the maximum 12 players and two goalies, (3) alternate players may be added for emergency dress in case of injury, absence, etc. The (3) alternate players may not play unless the roster bench strength is below 12. No more than 12 and 2 may dress for a game

No team may play without a goalie during the playoffs. During the regular season a team may sign a goaltender for a one game tryout, however if they do not keep that goalie after the game, the goaltender is released and may not be resigned. Goalie is the only position in which the roster lock does not freeze. However last day to "sign" a goalie is the 9th game of the 2013 - 2014 season. To qualify for playoffs, a goaltender must play "6" regular season games

Roster lock for all teams is the drop of the puck for the fourth game of the season

March, 1st and 2nd, 2014 North American Playoffs
Each division will have semi final single game elimination, Division Finals for each division two out of three series  (Teams are responsible for their own travel)

March 15th and 16th 2014, North American Conference Finals and National Championships (Las Vegas, NV)
The winner of the west division will meet the winners of the Lonestar, Midwest , Empire state and Sunshine division for the North American championships the best of three games
For the Sunshine, Empire and Midwest divisions, an allowance may be paid to each team for travel and lodging based on mileage over 500 miles provided a team has paid the full league fee of $2,500 and all event fees.. Teams that do not meet this requirement, must pay for their own travel arrangements, including air, hotel and meals.

"Example" schedule for Las Vegas March 15 
Top 2 East teams meet the Top 2 West teams

Sunday, March 16th
Winners from the 15th semi finals play for the North American Championship
two out of three games
*Teams are responsible for all rink time usage and referees at events.  Teams must prepay the event fees to be qualified for play

Winner of the North American championships will then receive air fare (RT), lodging, accomodations to and from airport to the European host for the World Finals
ISC Mannheim, Germany with your host former NHL Player, Bob Sullivan

*ALL US Teams must be in good standing with the league financially to qualify for post season and must have met their rink obligations

Cost per team MLRH PRO 2013 - 2014
A team franchise fee is $2,500 payable to MLRH

All rink costs including officials and scorekeeper must be paid seperately to the facility at each event for regular season
and North American playoffs only

Cost for such is divided by number of teams in division, example: Four teams, rink, referee, scorekeeper cost, $1,000, each team would pay the facilty $250.
Or a team may charge at the gate to collect their fees and divide that or share it equally. If a team promotes ticket sales, they can raise their per event fees
* MLRH will not pay or cover any shortages for this.

Each team is required to pay $30 per player for MLRH player's association fee which is  a secondary insurance similar to USA Hockey,
RHA. it is required of all players who participate in the  season.  Each player will receive a MLRH Player's association card with ID
number.  All players who participate are required to have "primary insurance" if a player does not have insurance,  it must be noted he/she will be
required to sign a waiver stating such. MLRH is not responsible for claims not reported to our office within 48 hours of incident

This week in Roller hockey and

MLRH profit shares with TWIRH and RHTV with Teams in our league

*Teams may have multiple sponsors on their jerseys, pants and helmets if they wish. Teams may keep 80% of that sponsorship/revenue (example, Bedrock sports puts stickers on the Irvine Wild Wings helmets and pays them $500 to do so. The Wild wings would keep $400, while MLRH would require $100 for licensing and league fee)

* If you sell sponsor time on either network, you will receive 50% of the revenues from that sponsor's purchase.  (example, Hubble sports purchases $1,000 worth of advertising on RHTV and TWIRH, the team which sold that would receive 50% or $500 of that sponsorship, after payment has been received )

* Teams may sell dasherboard advertising with the rinks MLRH has their program in and profit share with the facility as well

* Teams may take turns selling tickets to home games at their facilities or split the revenues equally at each event and work together to apply that toward rink and referee fees, if they wish to do so. Your team keeps 100% of the gate, no MLRH Fees

* Teams may hold fundraisers and raffles, using the MLRH website to promote their events and activities

* Teams may purchase through MLRH Labeda wheels at a discount and also Mission/Bauer hockey products at a discount for their season

* Teams also receive a discount through the MLRH Pro shop on Each team will receive a "code" which they may use for a discount on MLRH
  purchases through the pro shop