The Franchise fee for a Super League founding member team is $25,000 payable over three
years with an initial payment of $5,000 to participate in our eight game 2014 demo season (Year 1).  Additional payments of $10,000 are due for Year 2 and Year 3.

If, for whatever reason, a founding member determines that team ownership is not for them, they will have a 90 day period at the conclusion of the Year 1 season to opt out of their franchise fee with no additional obligation with the franchise rights reverting to the league. 

The Super League franchisee shall have an exclusive area of 100 miles with their home arena
as the center point of the franchise area. The franchisee shall retain 100% of all ticket sales, arena advertising, team web site advertising and any additional sponsorship dollars. Additionally, the
franchisee shall have the right to sell national advertising on Roller Hockey TV, retaining 70% of the advertising contract.

  The Super League Franchisee shall have the right to sell their franchise rights to their market to any entity approved by MLRH. Any monies in excess of the franchise fee due MLRH shall be retained by the franchise.

  The Super League franchisee shall participate in the sale of expansion franchises as follows:
       Year 2: 25% of all expansion fees shall be shared equally by Year 1 founding members.
       Year 3 and thereafter: MLRH shall retain 50% of expansion fees with all member teams
       in good standing.

The Franchisee shall retain his rights to the franchise in perpetuity as long as the team remains in good standing with the league. Failure to field a team will result in the forfeiture of the franchise.

NOTE: The above “bulleted items”are in no way legally binding and are only included in this document to provide the basics of  team ownership.

At MLRH, we believe the time is right for the launch of a real pro, fan based roller hockey league. We will have to build this league one fan at a time and our ownership plans are structured accordingly.
$5,000 Deposit for any available Market.
SEPTMBER 1, 2014: "Opt Out" Option
$10,000 Payment Due for full season.
We know that team ownership may not be for everybody.
From September 1, 2014 through November 30, original owners have the option of returning the franchise to the league with no further liability.
25% of all expansion fees in Year 2 will be distributed equally between the original founding owners for the 2014 Demo
$10,000 Final Payment Due .
50% of all expansion fees in Year 3 will be distributed equally between all franchisees in good standing.  Expansion fees
in future years will distributed at the same rate although it is anticipated that teams joinng the Super League in future years would pay an increased rate dependent on the market value of the league.



Interested in becoming a founding member of the Super League but you
just don't have the time to run a team?  Live in an area that is too small to
support a team or one that does not have a suitable facility?

Talk to Doug Jones,
MLRH Commissioner about becoming an owner of a league operated team. We have several formed teams from our Pro Tour
open to absentee ownership. 

Your liability would only
extend to the franchise fee as the team would assume the responsibility of operating the team.

You would retain the option of becoming a "hands on" owner at any time.