Little Feat
Linda Ronsteadt
David Allen Coe
John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt 
Emmylou Harris
Lyle Lovett with Nanci Griffith 
- Closing Time
The 70' was the era of Broadstreet Bullies and endless fights.  This clip of Islanders vs Flyers Brawl is typical.  Both benches clear with lots of action and plenty of helmetless hockey players.
For sure this is the date movie of 
the decade.  Set in Dublin, the guy is a busker singing on the streets, the woman just arrived in the city, escaping the Sarajevo conflict. She tells him she, "Used to play the piano" and they let her play free during lunchtime when the music  store is closed.

Obviously they click.
The Film: Once
Patti Smith
Songwriter, poet, writer and visual artist who became a huge component of the punk rock movement.  She changed everything—and she's still gettin' it done!
Patti Smith
People have the power 
Sly Stone...cruseing with the top 
down...ya gotta love sly!
Early on, music in the 70s was a mess!  The advent of Disco seemed like the death knell for the singer-songwriter "smart"  music era.  
The good news is that change was acoming.
It was an incredibly mixed bag of Outlaw Country, 60s groups becoming more experimental and the debut of punk.
I have included Patti Smith on this page...
Nobel prize, National Book Award and
some powerful music. Yes!

Stone the Crows
with Maggie Bell
They were rising stars until a band member was electricuted on stage/