Last year, the MLRH Cup went to Europe and we are determined to bring it back to the states.  With our new $500 fee, any team can afford to play MLRH and they may help us win back the Cup from Europe.
          - Doug Jones, MLRH
MLRH international
Bill Raue

Major League Roller Hockey
Trafalgar House
Trafalgar Square
Fowey, Cornwall  PL23 1A2

M A J O R  L E A G U E  R O L L E R  H O C K E Y
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When you join the Major league Roller Hockey Player's Association, you become a member of a world-wide fraternity of roller hockey players.  We'll keep you in the know about about events, team rankings and some of the most exotic tournaments in the world -only at MLRH! It's FREE...Click on logo at left to join.
Two hours of roller hockey programing including two semi-final games, the Breakaeay Shootout contest and the Championship game...just CLICK on the above graphic

THE FREE Entry Deal! MLRH is always looking for guys who can play and, as we are heading into the 2016 Super League season, we are adding Free Agent teams to evaluate talent. You can enter free as a team or as a free agent and play a minimum of four games.  Sorry, no prize money to the teams that  

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9   2    0   
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California Lobsters  
San Diego Hosers ​
Orange County Cowboys    
Labeda Pama Cyclones    
Leicester Dragons (UK)  
DC Filibusters  
Essex Street Cruisers (UK)  
South Coast Savage  
Labeda Vikings
Tenerife Guauches  (Spain)

The Tenerife Guauchjes jumped into the top ten in the MLRH Power Rankings based on showing this past weekend.  The Leicester Dragons improved to 9-1 but could not move up..

NOTE: Strength of schedule is a major consideration in these rankings.  Teams with "good losses" against top ranked teams may be ranked over teams with better records against poor competittion.
Teams can play FREE May 14 at Hot Shots Arena
Pay the Fee or play FREE! 
There are two ways for you to play in this great Pro Tour event. Your team can pay our low, low $500 entry fee  and win $100 a game in the preliminary rounds plus a $500 bonus to the winners

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