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Woman goalie for the UK
North Stars wins three
consecutive shootouts

          Last year, the MLRH Cup went to Europe and we are determined to bring it back to the states.  With our new $500 fee, any team can afford to play MLRH and they may help us win back the Cup from Europe.
          - Doug Jones, MLRH

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​20% of all MLRH merchandise sales will go to the TGEN Foundation,supporting Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma research.
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September 18-20  Mannheim, Germany
Hockey, beer and very attractive women...Another great MLRH Europe event.  Bob Sullivan, 
Ex-New England Whaler runs the tournament and the best hockey bar in Europe.
Teams to Share in League Ownership...
Bill Raue
Trailing 2-1 at half, Detroit looses discipline and the game.
Things can change in a hurry if you can't stay out of the box, and for the Detroit Phoenix, it was "standing room only" in the sin bin throughout the second half of their MLRH Super League Championship series opener in Mt Pleasant, PA (suburban Pittsburgh).

Trailing  2-1 at halftime, Detroit's penalty-filled third period handed the Pennsylvania Inferno a 6-2 margin at the end of three periods.  Shane Davies sparked the Inferno, opening the period with 
back-to-back goals.  Mike Harrington and Matt Gerger added to the Inferno total and Pennsylvania had a comfortable lead.  Detroit's Peter Glaser's  set the tone for the period with a 10-minute misconduct penalty at the 5:06 mark. 

Shane Davies led the scoring for the Inferno with a hat trick  while CJ King and Mike Harrington 
each had two-goal evenings.  Matt Gerger did the quarterbacking for Pennsylvania with four assists and added a goal of his own.

The Phoenix drew within three goals at 6-3 and 7-4 in the final period but additional trips to the penalty box killed any hope for a comeback rally.  Detroit Captain Rob Archer posted two goals in a losing effort.


In making the announcement, Raue said, “There have been few revolutionary ideas In the world of roller hockey. Nothing has changed in a long time - same organizations, same events and the same old deal for the players and teams - pay your tournament fees and we’ll see you again next year.” I believe giving away a share of the league is pretty special.”

“We are shaking things up!”

Under the new structure, MLRH member teams will have the opportunity to own a share of MLRH at no cost to the team. “Over time, organizations tend to get comfortable doing the same thing, just making incremental changes. But in the sports world, you need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant,” said Raue.

Member teams will participate in the decision making in determining what kind of leagues and events MLRH will offer with the opportunity to host events and retain the profits. “I’m giving away the store,” Raue laughed. ‘But I believe engaged teams and individuals could make a huge contribution to the sport and our league. Since the earliest days, teams and players have had little input.”

So how will this work?

Commissioner, Doug Jones has accepted the Vice President position with MLRH and will now focus on webcast, video and MLRH productions. With Jone’s departure to this new venture, MLRH has eliminated the position of commissioner altogether. Bill Raue will oversee day to day operations. “Doug has shown tremendous strength and growth with our productions, webcasts and his ability to do live webcasts. We both agreed it was time to change our league format to offer our teams a better franchise deal as well as putting more resources into the Roller Hockey TV Network,” Raue stated.

“MLRH has achieved some great success in the past with expansion to Europe and new concepts have helped the league grow - and in some areas, things have not worked out the way we anticipated, added Jones. “The present concept of running a professional league offers owners and our teams nothing to gain for their time and money. This is true of all leagues presently operating in America. We want to change that.”

Teams will again compete in the MLRH Pro Tour for the $10,000 cash prize at the 2015 – 2016 MLRH World Championships. The MLRH Super League will return for the 2016 season although there will be a greater commitment to paid pro players. Raue added that if member teams show an interest in non-check events, the league would support the idea. “Nobody pays money to watch flag football so the Super League goes on, Raue joked. “But I understand that full-contact roller hockey is not for everyone and I would be open to a non-check 
league or tournament series.”

Major League Roller Hockey (MLRH) announced today a strategic reorganization that MLRH President and Founder Bill Raue believes can re-energize the sport and the league, The plan calls for MLRH and Roller Hockey TV to become totally separate organizations with 
Matt Popchock with the Play-by-Play
Two entertaining games and you can watch them FREE at


The Pennsylvania Inferno completed a "Twofer" Sunday afternoon, knocking off the Detroit Phoenix 9-1 to sweep Detroit in the Super League Championship series.  The Inferno won the $10,000 MLRH Pro Tour event in May and now add another MLRH title to their collection.

Pennsylvania Inferno
Young Guns sweep
Detroit Phoenix for
MLRH Super League
Detroit was hitting from the opening face off but, in the end,it was the Inferno speed that made the difference.

In Game 1, Detroit was still hanging around in the 4th quarter, trailing 7-4 but  on Sunday it was all Inferno.
Actually, it was all Pat Bell,
the Inferno goalie who put on a show for the home fans
allowing just one goal while
facing 20 Detroit shots.

​With the win, Inferno players have each earned $1,250
since joining MLRH in May.

Detroit (yellow) came out hitting but the Inferno responded.
A big crowd Saturday night
were rewarded with some
"Old Time

 MLRH Commissioner Doug Jones assuming the title of Vice-President for Communications while remaining an adviser to MLRH. Jones will assume an enhanced roll with Roller Hockey TV.