Father Ray Kelly

Tori Amos-Whole Lotta Love
Wildwood Kin - Run  (Official Video)
The Rails - The Cally  (Official Video)
RDavid Bowie-Heros
Richard Thompson & Nanci Griffith 
"Wall Of Death”
Amy Winehouse live 

Look out Glastonbury!
R.I.P.  January 10, 2016
Since I am in the UK, you ought to see
the Sheffield Steelers vs. Cardiff Devils 
2017 Challange Cup championship highlights
Kirsty Merryn & Steve Knightly
Cornwall Folkies...
Alex Hedley
Cornwall Folkies...
Rag & Bone Man

These music posts are a bit more quirky. Some UK artists you may 
not know about plus stuff I just
play if I'm feeling a
bit homesick.

So this is the decade when Bill & Lindsay got serious about moving 
to England...No point for me to post a bunch of Beyonce, Diddy, 
Ed Sherran or Taylor Swift—you know all of that.

YES! Bill is involved with music again... 

        I have included two films that I recommend but, inthe interst of full disclosure, Bill does have a financial interst in one and the second os family
(Sort of)

Some of you know that I am involved in a Hollywood film.  My co-producer is Kim Zubick and The Zookeepers Wife is her
most recent film.

I knew Scott O'Malley, who drew the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels,from a time when he was
married to a fringe family
member.  Unfortunately, it didn't work oput but it is a fun fi;m.


No hockey in I, Tonya but it does have ice in it—think you can land a triple axle?

Our little village is way cool with talented music people   and Brit film folks hanging out here.  Every year they   have a Festival of Literature and this year, I was          asked  to help select the musicas they wanted to    attract a younger crowd (I know, that's wierd!).   J     had to go with mostly singer-songwritert ypes but if       you are in the neighborhood, I'll buy you a beer.  
      So how did I do?
White Stripes
Since I'm livin' here, I need to pump up the U acts...really like  Rag n' Bone Man.
I'm not this huge Tori Amos fan but as she moved to Cornwall from the USA several years ago, here's a shout out to another Yank living in Kernow (That's Cornwall in Cornish-speak.)
"The Cally" is about the gentrification of the old Caladonia
Road area in London in the 1960s
In the Trump era,
a great song.
For my money, 
Randy Newman is
does not get the 
credit e deserves
as a songsmith...
Feeling blue?
Try a little 
"Swamp Rock!"
Blues Singer and Pianist Marcia Ball Performs "Louella"
Smithsonian folk Festival 2011
A great
You have to admire Jack White for taking some  chances with his music.
The Ship...Bill's pub
Got to have a little music from back home...
"An electrifying piece of hip-hop history that speaks urgently to right now."
—Peter Travers,            Rolling Stone
The Shires
BRIT Country & Western group 
from Heartfordshire, England.  tThe first 
British country group to have a top ten 
album in the pop charts,
Alabama Shakes - Hold -On!
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Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - 
I Need Never Get Old
Carolyn Wonderland and Bonnie Raitt - 
"Ain't Nobody's Fault But Mine"
Joss Stone
I put a spell on ypu

Lucinda Williams
Randy Newman -
 A Few Words in Defense of Our Country
Lewis Capaldi - Bruises
Scottish lad began singing in pubs at age 9.
Echos of the great Sarah Vaughn 
Munford & Sons +Friends

Amazing Grace - Time to get right wiith Jesus!  Not bad Southern Gospel
for a bunch of English lads.

64-year old Irish Priest, on a Brit talent
show, brings down the house with a cover 
of  R.E.M's Everybody Hurts.
The alsolute feel good moment!