Dixie Chicks 
They were great until their politics got in the way
Luciano Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma - 
1990 - Milano - FIFA concert...If you are going to 
listen to one aria,  this is the gold stndard!
Lyle Lovett with Nanci Griffith
Closing Time...This takes me back to the days when I was in the club business... end of the night and
you are trying to get the people to go home. 

We are the Champions..,you've heard it a thousand times but it was written in the 90s for English football fans.
Freddie Mercury sings opers...
Incredibly,the man had a 4 1/2 octive range
Major League Roller Hockey debuted with 10,000 fans at it's Championships at the Pond in Anaheim, CA.  1n 1999 RHI crashed and burned and brought MLRH downwith them  That was the end of true pro roller hockey.
Best decade 
for film ever?
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Just a sound check...
Stevie just waking up then warming up. Insane how good can you really be that tired?
For Bill, the 90s seemed like a musical dead zone!  Just guessing some of you would ike to tell me I'm an idiot.  Ha!
Maggie Bell and Stone the Crows 
Damn good group from Scotland and I'm guessing you never heard of them.. They were only around for a short time. They broke up after their guitarist was fatally electrocuted onstage

Buena Vista Social Club 
Who knew about these guys?
The Actor Hugh Laurie 
Who knew he was a blues guy?
OPERA for Idiots
The 90s saw the introduction to roller hockey.  Several guys who worked in my graphics department played, and as an old ice hockey guy,I thought it was pretty strange. 

We began a roller hockey magazine that
covered Roller Hockey International (RHI) and watching them lose 40 million dollars, I thought there must be a better way to run a league 
— and so, MLRH was born.
First year was great!  $6,000 per week salary cap (about $15,000 in today's dollars).  The winning team got $75,000 prize ($150,000 today).  We finished with 10,000 fans for our championship game.

​I thought I was king of the roller hockey worldbut the next season. RHI came back, crashed and burned with millions in debt and brought MLRH down with them.  Ugh!
That, boys and girls, was the
end of real "pro" roller hockey.
Bill was listening to a lot of 
blues—he could relate!

( I could be the biggest idiot. Just cannot relate.)