Foreign producers come to us with their projects to consult on the possibilities and the conditions for filming in the Czech Republic. And this is how we got the movie theme CrossCzech from its author, 
Mr. William Raue. 

It is the story of two golden generations of Czechoslovak ice hockey players – it begins with the arrest of members of the Czech team in 1950 and the subsequent trials and ends with the victory of our hockey team at the World Championships in Prague in 1972.

—Ludmila Claussova 
   Film Commissioner 
   Czech Film Commission
   State Cinematography Fund
CrossCzech will evoke a strong emotional experience from the audience and presents a significant part of our history, not only in terms of sports.
If you're a hockey fan, you will be stunned to learn the fate of the 1949 Czechoslovakia team.  It's about the game you love—and their final triumph.

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Bill's Amazing Film Adventure 
For the past 18 months, Bill has been leading a double life—partly Major League Roller Hockey and secretly developing a Hollywood movie.  But with zero filmmaking experience, you cannot announce that you are making a 15-20 million dollar film without attracting serious laughter.  Amazingly, against all odds, it's happening.

Because I lived in Washington, DC, they thought I could return home, pick up the phone, and call the President of the United States. Obviously, that didn't happen but eight years later, against all odds, CrossCzech is their story and it will be told.  

My first big break was when the Czech Film Commission took me seriously...
I first learned of this story eight years ago at a Major League Roller Hockey event in Prague from a small group of 80-year old rink rats.  Initially, I didn't think their story could be possible but, after much
research, it became apparent that they were among the last witnesses to the most outrageous miscarriage of justice in sports history.  A grim, cold war thriller with the most uplifting, redemptive
stand-up-and-cheer climax in all of sports literature.
What's the deal with MLRH Films?
Last thing. While our film will be shot in the Czech Republic, it will be in English and targeted to a worldwide theatre release.  You do not have to be a hockey fan to appreciate this film but, if hockey is your game, do I ever have a film for you. 
The principals of MLRH Films are BIll, Sigrid Heath and Fireman Mike.
Most of you know the 'Fireman" from our Roller Hockey TV coverage of our games.  What most of you do not know is that he is an attorney—albeit the most fun loving attorney I have ever known,
I e-mailed her the bare bones of the story and she responded within the hour saying, "This is no web post, this is a great F---ing movie!"  
Sigrid Heath is a singer/actress/writer currently living on the Greek Island of Paros.  Origionally, I had planed to ease my guilt for having done nothing with the the CrossCzech story by including it as a web post.  I just wanted to to keep the story alive.

She wrote the text that outlined the facts of our proposed film, I did the graphic design and, so far, the Fireman has kept us out of jail.
Too much fun!l.
Top: Sigrid Heath
Below: Fireman Mike
It is the story of two golden generations of Czechoslovak ice hockey players – it begins with the arrest of members of the Czech team in 1950 and the subsequent trials and ends with 
the victory at the World Championships in Prague in 1972.
Cold War academics have written that the downfall of the Soviet Union began in 1972 with
Czechoslovakia's 3-2 World Championship win.  500,000 fans spilled into the streets.