Bill Raue has a deal for you!
Quite simply, with my film project, I just do not have the time to organize MLRH World League qualifying events this summer.
You can be a rink owner, a player or possibly someone who is considering a career in sports management.  I 
am reaching out to anyone who might have an interest in running a single event, a 4-event qualifying series or taking an existing summer elite league and make the winning team eligible to play in our World Championships
September (California).  We are changing the rules this year for our North American Division of the World League and offering a number of ways for teams to qualify.  
​The basic deal is that the MLRH league office will help with marketing and promotion but you would be our regional representative at the event(s).  In return, any profits from your venture will be split 80/20% and
you keep the 80%.  if you are able to obtain any local sponsorships, the same revenue split will apply.
​Interested?  Shoot me an e-mail.  Tell me what's happening in roller hockey where you live and play.  We can be creative in creating an event for you.