MLRH World League teams in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Europe will have the freedom to structure their World League Division in whatever format works best for their league or organization.

Some will play a 15-game season with teams playing in five events (three games per event) as in North America, other's will have leagues or tournaments that incorporate their long-standing leagues with the winner qualifying for World League playoffs.

Every organization will have the freedom to develop their own qualifying league or tournament series as long as they will have determined a champion no later than May 15.

This is necessary in order that teams will be able to take advantage of 30-day advance airline fares.

North American teams may participate
in any European event including Tenerife
and their games will be included as part of
their 15-game North Americanm schedule.
Roller hockey Arena in Mannheim 
Enthuisiastic Czech fan
Left: 2014 World Champions from Finland

Th ladies of Prague...

For additional information,  
e-mail Mick Payne at:  mpayne18@hotmail.com 
or MLRH President Bill Raue at:  bill@mlrh.com

All teams in Europe and the UK are eligible to play in this event and the games will count in whatever league the competing teams play in.