Last year, the MLRH Cup went to Europe and we are determined to bring it back to the states.  With our new $500 fee, any team can afford to play MLRH and they may help us win back the Cup from Europe.
          - Doug Jones, MLRH
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World League MLRH Action from Detroit...
Canfield Kings vs. Pennsylvania Inferno
Canfield Kings vs. Detroit Revolution
Chris Madsen (Right)
and "Fireman Mike."

OK, if we are talking blues here, this is a rare Janis Joplin vid from a concert in Germany.  Back in the day, Raue once played "Me and Bobby McGee"  30 times in a row.  Guess you can figure out how that happened.  Ha!
WORLD                          WIDE
16  Virginia Devils
17  Southhampton Jaguars (UK)
18  Baltimore Bandits 
19   Sportiak Spins (Belgium)
20  Cardiff Capitals (UK)
21   London Elite (UK)
22   Santa Cruz Dolphins (Spain)
23   DC Bohemia
24   Southhampton Hornets 2 (UK)
25   Farmborugh Arrows (UK)
26    Islas Canaries linea  (Spain)
27  IOSC Mannheim (Germany)
28  Maryland Chaos 
29   Nova Wolfpack
30  Island Barbarians (UK)


1LA Pama Cyclones
1Detroit Revolution
1Orange County Cowboys
1SoCal Phantoms
1Leicester Dragons
1Canfield Kings
1Pennsylvania Inferno
1South Coast Savage
1Essex Cruisers (UK)
1Tennerife Gauchos (Spain)
1Koovee Rollers (Finland)
1Dynamo Pardubuce (Czech Rep.)
1Southhampton Hornets (UK)
1Valley Commandos (UK)
1Mannheim Monsters (Germany)
Orange County Cyclones hang on to down LA 7-6 but Pama is "Best in the West,"
Detroit Revolution are the "Beast in the East."  Cowboys and the SoCal Phantomes grab the Wild Card slots.  

Through May 13 Games
The North American Division of the MLRH World league heads into it's playoffs July 8 and 9 at the Rinks at Irvine, CA and nobody has a clue as to how it will play out.  The LA Pama Cyclones (12-3) are the "Best in the West" but ended their regular season on a downer, losing to the Orange County Cowboys (12-3) in a 7-6 thriller. The Cowboys, who were in a a mid-season slump, seem to be peaking at the right time heading into the playoffs.  The Detroit Revolution has laid claim as the "Beast in the East" as the only unbeaten team in North America, finishing with a perfect 15-0 season and 30 points.  

The wildest of the wild cards is certainly the SoCal Phantoms who play everybody tough and have registered wins over LA and the Cowboys in what is unquestionably the World League's toughest division.  While the Phantoms enter the playoffs with a losing record at 5-8-1, they have knocked off LA and the Cowboys, lost a second game to LA in OT and have lost a bunch of one goal games.  League officials determined that, despite their division record, they are clearly better than other team in the East or the Midwest based on strength of schedule. It's gonna be wild boys and girls...

All things Hockey...
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Crazy Expansion!
If you have been following the new Las Vegas 
team and the expansion draft, let us take you 
back to 1967 when twelve cities wanted a team, 
six got in, and it was a wild & crazy draft.

Hat Trick History...
The frst use of the term was found in an English Cricket Archive— the earliest use of the term that could be found in newspaper archives was in the Luton Times and Advertiser of 3 July 1855, which reported from a 24 June match, “They were dismissed in a quarter of an hour for only 6 runs, mainly by the bowling of the brothers Beldam, G.W. Beldham doing the ‘hat trick." 

Follow the link and you will be a Hockey Trivia hero!
Bill Raue is going a bits nuts with his selections for this issue of the Jukebox.  He gives a huge shout out to some Brit bands and singers plus his updated collection of
some blues guys and singers you may not know.
This is Arcade Fire's new release.  All the Brit papers have been writing good things about it so the Old Guy checked it out and I really like this a lot.  Just a slight tinge of ABBA but hey, it gets me going on my morning runs.

Hare Squead Pure  Some Irish lads from Dublin.  Just guessing that you have not heard this yet.  When you think of “Irish music” my guess is that this group does not come to mind. A slow jam that I think is pretty cool.
Joss Stone  Another Brit singer who discovered the blues about 50 years after the Rolling Stones.  Ha!
Just thinkin' here but I suspect the hockey guys are going to think she is pretty cool.
Joss Stone with Jeff Beck  It's from some Brit talent show but the music is just fine.
There is no explaining this but I think this woman is kinda
delightfully whacky.  This is Lorde reviewing onion rings with Jimmy Fallen.  I cannot explain why this is on this site.
Lorde - Perfect Places  If you actually watched the interview above, you deserve to hear the new release.
Still making my mind up about this one.
​Flash back 60 years to Arthur Crudup and "That's All Right."  Elvis and Sam Phillips (Sun Records) owes so much to these people and they get S---!
I'm In The Mood - Bonnie Raitt and John Lee Hooker.  That woman is one hell of a slide guitar player!
Allen Toussaint - Yes We Can Can
The legendary New Orleans piano man/producer has been a guiding light for musicians in the Crescent City and beyond for over a half a century. From The Nevilles to Paul McCartney, Allen Toussaint has played and recorded with some of the best in the business.

This is just so simple and smart.  One man and a piano.