Last year, the MLRH Cup went to Europe and we are determined to bring it back to the states.  With our new $500 fee, any team can afford to play MLRH and they may help us win back the Cup from Europe.
          - Doug Jones, MLRH

Virginia Devils
Baltimore Bandits
DC Bohemia
NOVA Wolfpack
Maryland Chaos
7  1  0  14
6  1  1  13
4  2  2  10
3  5  0    8
1  7  0    2
LA Pama Cyclones
OC Cowboys
SoCal Phantoms
South Coast Savage

7  2  0  14
6  2  1  13  
3  6  0    6
2  5  2    6

W    L   OTL PTS
Detroit Revolution
Canfield Kings
Pennyslvania Inferno
Detroit Phoenix

5  0  0   10
3  2  0     6
2  3  0     4
0  5  0     0

this sporting life +
So many have of you have played at Joe Dumar' Fieldhouse in the Detroit suburbs. How many hockey players know who the guy was?  So read and learn!
How a Team in Seattle, of all places, changed hockey forever.  The Seattle Metropolitans became the first American team to win the Stanley Cup in 1917, earning the city its first major sports championship.
The N.H.L.’s newest franchise named Jay Mellette, a longtime Las Vegas resident, as their director of sports performance and head athletic trainer who worked with a circus..

Stuff you don't hear every day but need to know about courtesy of Bill.  This is KoKo Taylor singing Hound Dog!  The woman is a force of nature.
W    L   OTL PTS
W    L   OTL PTS
  LA Pama Cyclones
2   Orange County Cowboys
3   South Coast Savage
  Detroit Revolution
5   Leicester Dragons (England)
6   Canfield Kings
7    Pennsylvania Inferno
8   SoCal Phantoms
9   Essex Street Cruisers (UK)
10  Tenerife Gauchos (Spain)

​Saturday, April 8
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​Otherwise known as the "Party Until
You Drop" Division... This great event
in the Canary Islands, 25 miles off the
West Coast of Africa is easily the most            exotic roller hockey event on the planet.

The Leicester Dragons (England) are the defending champons who love to party!
M  A  J  O  R    L  E  A  G  U  E    R  O  L  L  E  R    H  O  C  K  E  Y

NHL concusion lawsuit could threaten the future of the league-and it is not an exaggeration to say that it could be an existential threat to the league
World League North America

With their win over the OC Cowboys, The LA Pama Cyclones regained the top spot in the World Rankings.  The improved SoCal Phantoms moved up but could not overtake the Savage who retained the number three on the basis of their overall body of work in MLRH play.
LA Pama Cyclones 7, OC Cowboys 3
SoCal Phantoms 7, South Coast Savage 6
Phantoms 4, OC Cowboys 3 (OT)
Pama Cyclones 9, South Coast Savage 8 SO 
​LA Pama Cyclones 11, SoCal Phantoms 6
OC Cowboys 6, South Coast Savage 2
Bill Raue is doing his best to keep you relevant...
This is sports, quirky sports, movies, music you don't often hear (but should) plus the weird and wonderful! from his little village in England.
The Cardiff Devils (Wales) vs.Sheffield Steelers in the
British Elite League Championship Game.  This is Bill's
Hockey fix in England with a BBC English accent.

First Woman to Run in Boston Marathon Idid it It Again — 50 Years Later  Fifty years ago, a runner officially entered as K.V. Switzer participated in the Boston Marathon. Monday, she did it again again at age 73.
Lancashire and Surrey play to a draw in County cricket.  With sweepers positioned on both the leg and off-side boundaries to help restrict the number of Surrey boundaries, Lancashire skipper Liam Livingstone introduced his leg-spinners at the Pavilion End to cause Sangakkara his first and only real headaches of the day.
Read more about this exciting game and see if you can make sense of it...Ha!
My friend Kim Zubick has produced an amazing film. OK, this is not an action movie BUT The Zookeeper’s Wife is a truly beautiful and inspiring movie based on a true story of a Polish couple who ran a zoo in Warsaw during the German occupation in World War II. Go see it!  Take your significant other and let her see your warm, fuzzy and sensitive side.

USA  Women's battle for On-Ice Equality Echoes a Fight From 30 Years Ago. Their battle reopened an old wound for a 44-year-old Canadian woman. Justine Blainey-Broker, now a chiropractor who runs a clinic north of Toronto, could not believe such fights were still going on 30 years after her landmark gender discrimination case. In 1986, Blainey-Broker’s case reached the Ontario Court of Appeals, which ruled in her favor. 
​30 YEARS AGO...
Lightnin' Hopkins  OK, Bill Raue is older than dirt but one of the avantages is that I was around to hear this guy.
His compulsive guitar playing and harsh, emotive voice made him one of the last great country blues singers. 

Wanda Jackson  This woman was Elvis before Elvis plus she was the first woman to front her own group.  She opened the doors for all the women performers that were to follow.—and yes, she was a hell raiser!
Blues Legend Memphis Minnie  I know you know nothing about Memphis Minnie.  She was a hell of a guitar player. Once blew BB King off the stage in a Southside Chicago "Cutting Contest."  This is raw stuff. 
Fred Neal—Sheer genius!  in the 60's, Bill was in the club business and that is where I first encountered Fred Neal.  Great voice, wrote great songs and the guy changed music forever.  First guy to amp up a 12-string and inspired the Byrds.  Crosby, Stills and Nash wanted to call their group, "Sons of Freddy" but he nixed that.  Bill once spent 48 hours at a hurricane party in Coconut Grove, FL with Fred and some of the best damn musicians you never heard of.
From there Archives…
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Having found success with both players and fans, Major League Roller Hockey's Super League returns for another season of excitement and the biggest paydays in the sport. 
​With the most successful format in roller hockey, Major League Roller Hockey's Super League will return all across America in a wild dash for the cash.  The LA Pama Cyclones are the defending champions, having swept the Chicago Windy City Hustlers in the 2016 championship series.

"This is working and with money on the line for every game, all season long, every game counts. It's the most competitive league with Super League rosters featuring the best players in North America," said MLRH Founder and President Bill Raue.  

The San Diego Hosers and the LA Pama Cyclones battle for the puck along the boards in Super League action

The Koovee Rollers in gold battle Viuorelan Veikot, the 2015 MLRH Championships.
As more and more rinks melt the ice in Europe, their World League Inline season is set to begin. 
While many teams in the North America World Leagiue have played nine games, things in Europe are just getting started. Unlike North America, there are very few dedicated inline hockey facilities in Europe so the inline season only begins when the rinks melt the ice.  But the teams are very good.  Two years ago in Mannheim, Germany, the eliminated American team could only sit and watch as two teams from Finland, the Koovee Rollers and Viuorelan Veikot played for the Championship.

In North America, the title hunt seems to be down to five teams. In the West, the LA Pama Cyclones and the Orange County Cowboys are locked into a tight division trace. East of the Rockies, the strength is in the Midwest with the Detroit Revoluton in the lead with the Canfield Kings and the ever dangerous Pennsylvania Inferno still in the hunt.

World League MLRH Action from Detroit...
Canfield Kings vs. Pennsylvania Inferno
Canfield Kings vs. Detroit Revolution
Chris Madsen (Right)
and "Fireman Mike."