Last year, the MLRH Cup went to Europe and we are determined to bring it back to the states.  With our new $500 fee, any team can afford to play MLRH and they may help us win back the Cup from Europe.
          - Doug Jones, MLRH
MLRH international
Bill Raue

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The San Diego Hosers Charles Baldwin is Chucky Slick, The YouTube Sensation
Many MLRH fans only know Chuck Baldwin as
the speedy forward of the San Diego Hosers...
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Filibusters and Pittsburgh Steel stage a wild one in Super League opener
mlrh super league profile
mlrh world rankings
The Orange County Cowboys, who failed to win a game in their first MLRH Pro Tour event back in January, ended their five-month campaign alone at the top of the MLRH Power Rankings after a Hollywood finish to take the Pro Championships.

pro tour championships
OC Cowboys complete dramatic comeback to take 2016 Pro Tour Championships
Pama Cyclones vs. San Diego Hosers     
OC Cowboys vs. California Lobsterz
Championship Game:  
OC Cowboys vs. Pama Cyclones

mlrh super league profile
Chandler Hoiguin to head up Scouting & Player
Development for MLRH Super League
DC Filibuster GM takes ontask of building parity 
between Super League East and West Divisions
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0  0  0    0   0   0
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0  1  0    8  11  
0  1  0    1   9   0
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Super League East


Super League West*

Orange County
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
San Diego
* Play begins July 16
The Pittsburgh Steel put a hurt on the  Ohio River Monsters Saturday night at the RMU Island Sports Center, pounding the Monsters 9-1 to take an early lead in the MLRH Super League East. The Steel are getting the jump on their
Super League East rivals as
other scheduled arena events require them to complete their home schedule by mid-July.

​With the win, the Steel improved to 2-0 to take an early division lead.  Christian Ricketts had a good night in goal for Pittsburgh, giving up just one Ohio goal.  After the July 4 break, the Steel host the DC Filibusters on Friday, July 8 and travel to Detroit on the 9th to face the Detroit Phoenix.
Mike Francis is the longest playing veteran in Major League Roller Hockey and he will be "lacing 'em up" for the Detroit Phoenix in their Super League home opener at Canfield Arena July 9.
How long has Mike Francis been around?  You do the 
math!  He was on an MLRH Championship team in 
2001.  His only break came after a horrific stick to 
             the face injury required extensive jaw 
            surgery.  But Mike figures that time off 
        gives him a couple of years more playing 
            time now when he appreciates it..
The Phoenix take on the
Pittsburgh Steel and the 
DC Fillibusters July 9 & 10.