Last year, the MLRH Cup went to Europe and we are determined to bring it back to the states.  With our new $500 fee, any team can afford to play MLRH and they may help us win back the Cup from Europe.
          - Doug Jones, MLRH
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All things Bill...
Virginia Goalie Chugs a cold one!
See the video...don't try this in your local league
Islanders 3rd Jersey is retro cool! 
Lookin' sooo Brooklyn!

The Seven "Must See" 
Hockey spots for any 
fan...check 'em out!

Perfect for the hockey guy who can't sleep...a 90 page 
disertation exploring the intersection of sports and politics. 
​Hotter then Ronda
Rousey and she can 
play Hockey!

The Swamp Rabbits?
When the team ain't doing well and nobody
comes to the games...get a new logo!
Miracle on Ice for college credit?

Politics on Ice;  The United States, the Soviet Union 
and a Hockey Game in Lake Placid
To players, fans and those who stumbled on this site by accident...

By way of introduction, I am Bill Raue who founded this league and, once again, will be taking an active part in running MLRH and Roller Hockey TV.  

Hope you like the new site. It will be about MLRH, but much more.  If you are a fan or player, ice or roller...if you love the game, hopefully you will find this site a bit eclectic and offbeat, filled with stuff I find of interest or amusing or just plain silly.  I see us as the Huffington Post of hockey. Not about stats and scores, but the people that make hockey a great game.

The votes are in and you want a no-check tournament and that is what we will do. 
$10,000 to the winner.  Qualifying events begin in January.  e-mail me  for info:

OK, this is a page all about me.
Are you excited yet? I figure 
most of you have no clue as 
to who I am or what the hell I 
know about hockey. So indulge 
the old guy and click on the 
logo above.
John Brophy, legendary
bad boy and Bill Raue's
first hire in hockey.
Can the KHL survive
the fall of the riuble?
Luxury Swiss Watches (USA Site)
$275 - $4,250
Roller Hockey Ninja!
This is a vid of the legendary John Brophy
going nuts.  John was my first hockey hire
and was named, Coach of the year in the old World Hockey Association and made it to the NHL, coaching Toronto for a couple of years.
Paul Nerwmans character in Slap Shot was based on Mr. Brophy

This is a wonderful very old and very retro, 
local TV feature shot opening night at one of 
the teams I started in Hampton Roads/Norfolk.
Could be straight out of Slap Shot.
M A J O R  L E A G U E  R O L L E R  H O C K E Y
These guys on quads
with goofy little sticks
are a big deal in Spain.
All profits go to local charities...Host an event and the proceeds stay in 
your home town
The Mullett is Back!
Disc Football beats
Roller Hockey to 
Olympic Status!

Gabe Polsky's documentary is about hockey but culture and politics provide the force as the Russians take on the USA in a battle of ideology, economics and art'  

Great Spoof!

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In New York, it's the
Rangers, Islanders and
the Riveters!
"These are the best athletes in the world, and we need to treat them like that. To make this as professional as possible". 

Interviews with Inferno Coachs Mike Gerber and Nick Pilotti. Nick draws up some  plays that make the inferno the highest scoring team in roller hockey PLUS the entertaining Goofy Shoot Out and the Good Old Hockey Game Quiz.  Our show concludes with the Game On! listing of November and December roller hockey events.  Check ot out at

Red Army, the movie

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