Last year, the MLRH Cup went to Europe and we are determined to bring it back to the states.  With our new $500 fee, any team can afford to play MLRH and they may help us win back the Cup from Europe.
          - Doug Jones, MLRH
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Bill was alive and part of the Juke Box Generation. Music was awful when I was a kid but by 1955, things were starting to happen.
Canfield Kings vs. Pennsylvania Inferno
Canfield Kings vs. Detroit Revolution


LA Pama Cyclones vs. Orange County Cowboys
Bill was alive and part of the In the 60s, Bill was in the club business and it was a wild time.  The wild times also
included my introduction to the KKK.  Click for music,
stories...sooo grovey!
Muddy Waters & 
The Rolling Stones
Who are those guys?
Jersey Girl Showdown
Tom Wates
The Boss
Stevie Ray Vaughan plays an amazing rif at a sound check...
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Jnuary 2018
Introducing MLRH Films...
Theatre Release
April 2017
Bill moves to England...
I have included some
UK stuff you have never 
heard.  Have a listen!

PLUS BIll's K-Pop update.  
Everything you need to know about 
K-Pop...if the Donald screws up and 
we are living under Korean domination.
Payne heads World League UK
GM of Leicester Dragons will schedule events
of major
hockey film
Allison Krause and
Robert Plant
You shouldn't dream your film, 

Big Changes at MLRH...
Bill Raue takes time off to produce a film...
MLRH World League to be franchised
This is where Bill comes out of the closet.  A few of you are aware 
of what I have been quietly pursuing this past year but now, as we
approach a new MLRH season, I need to tell you that I am involved with producing a major motion picture.

​Obviously a 15-million dollar film requires some serious attention.  But I do have a plan for MLRH.  Basically, it involves regional franchises that allows those who organize the events to be rewarded for their efforts. 

​Oh yeah, it is going to be one hell of a film—and yes, it is about hockey.  I first learned of this incredible story many years ago in the Czech Republic.  This new look site is about MLRH, Bill and
CrossCzech—the most amazing story you (and most of the hockey world) know nothing about.  Read on my friends...


you should make it! 

Free franchise opportunities...
Check out Bill's Juke Joint
Back in the 60s, Bill was in the club business
and music has been a huge part of his life.
Join him for a bit of musical history (and Bill's).
Scroll down on this page page, you will see a glimpse of Bill's life.  It's hell being old but it was so cool being around for all of the great (and not so real) music of the past 60 years  Click on any
of the "decade buttons and have a listen. And 
yes, there are a few quirky choices (the Too Fat Polka).  Incredibly, it got huge airplay and nobody though it was offensive.  A long ago era. Yikes!

Mick Payne to head World League UK
Joni Mitchell
Register your team to participate
in our World Wide Rankings

World League Europe
Wherever you play, you can register your
team or league at no cost.
Unknown players who have made dramatic 
contributions to the game you play...
"Boza" Modry changed the way goalies played the position 

Falsely accused and sentenced to15 years of
hard labor by Communist authorities, in his brief career, Modry, an architect and engineer, is the 
man who invented the "geometry of goaltending."
The first goalie to move out from the goal to challenge shooters and cut down the angle.

Bohumil Modry shuts out 
Sweden in the 1949 World 
Championship game.
May 11 -18
CrossCzech...We'll send

you our FREE PDF

If you're a hockey fan, you will be stunned to learn the fate of the 1949 Czechoslovakia team.  It's about the game you love—and their final triumph.

The most improbable of things can happen.

One of English hockey's most unforgetable characters.
I know know where the expresion, "Mad Dogs and Englishman" originated.  Click to contact Mick and tell 
him you want to play some hockey. 
Quite simply, Bill Raue will not have the time
to dedicate to our qualifying rounds of our World League tournament series.  So I'm hanging out the "Help Wanted" sign for the North American

To that end, if you would like to organize a MLRH World League event, wherever you may live,  the MLRH office will provide the marketing and administration for it and you will be our league representative in your area.  If you have ever thought sports management, this could be a great entry point.

Just for the fun of it, we at MLRH have decided to expand our worldwide rankings to include your team—wherever you play.  You do not even have to play MLRH events uto be considered for our Championships in September.

Is your team better than Dynamo Pardubice (Czech Republic), the Leicester Dragons (UK) or the Koovee Rollers (Finland)?
It's all good fun.

In an effort to include even more teams in our worldwide roster, we are changing the rules to make Bill Raue's life easier while he is involved with his film project.  Wherever you play, Europe. Africa or South America, if you register your league, we will track  your team (with your help) and make the best teams eligible for our Championships.

the Love!
Follow Bill...
MLRH President Bill Raue  posts on Hockey, music. 
politics and the latest gossip 
from his pub in England

What's your Hockey Bar...
Everybody got a favorite hangout. So tell us about your favorite and we will create an all
MLRH listing.


Click on Bill or any logo for
In 1972, the Chicago Blackhawks offered him one million dollars (7 million today) but the communists would not let him travel.
His quickness and athleticism earned him the nickname—ˇThe Acrobat."
Jiri Holochek...Best goalie ever?

Some pick the Russian Vladislav Tretiak but, head to head, Holichek never lost to him.  In their 1976 3-1 upset of the Soviet in the Canada Cup, Trietiak stopped 11 of 14 shots, Holochek 40 of 41.

                               —Steven Spielberg

Jaroslav Holik and the goal that

brought down an empire...

This may be the toughest guy

who ever laced 'em up!

You have never heard of Gustav Bubnik shown as the baby faced whiz kid who scored the winning goal in the 1949 World Championships.  I get Gordy Howe and I loved him from when I was a kid—but he never came back to play after five years in a 
Soviet slave labor camp. 

Over the past 18 months, I may have spent more time in Prague and the Czech Republic than in America.  OIf you go for history, culture or hockey, this place has it all
and I am so looking forward to spending many more months there making a film.  So click
and check it out.  I'll meet ya there!

Another historic player you don't know but you may remember his son.  Bobby Holik enjoyed a long career with the NJ Devils and finished up with the NY Rangers.  His Father was a passionate anti-soviet agitator who scored the game winner in the 1972
World Championships

The hockey game that brought
down the Soviet empire 
Glove droping at it's MLRH best!